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Philip said...
> > I dunno about matter-energy. The imbalance at the scale we're used to
> > dealing with is so immense (the c2 in E=mc2). Nuclear dragons are a
> > neat image, though.
> I'd go along with Nat on this, I'm afraid...
To be honest, guys, I don't really care.  It works for me, which is the main
thing; most of this stuff is never going to come up in the story - *I* just
need to know it.

> > Interesting question, Dorian...
> Definitely.  Incidentally, why did you pick such a small size for
> the dragon?

<grin>  You're not going to believe has to be that small so it'll
fit into the drawer of a filing cabinet!

It's too long a story to explain here, but basically, I wrote a short piece
a while back that involved a dragon emerging from a filing cabinet drawer.
That has now become a rather important part of the backstory to what I'm
currently writing.  I did think about changing it, because I figured a six
or seven foot long dragon would probably translate quite well into a
five-and-a-half foot tall human (dragons having to be pretty lightweight, so
they can fly), but the change just didn't work for me.  My dragons are two
feet long and I can't change them. :-)

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