Meaning of lol & pronunciation of Derk

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Jan 17 14:24:32 EST 2001


>Please one of you hardened internetters, tell me what lol stands for? I
>thought it was lots of love, but it makes no sense.
>Yours ignorantly...

Oh, how could I resist the chance to write as a "hardened 
internetter"?  If I get there first, it'll only be as I happened to 
check the mail minutes after you sent this (and Becca's at choir 
practice so I get the computer for once.  HAH!)

LOL is "laughing out loud".  ROFL (or is that ROTFL??) is "rolling on 
the floor laughing".

"Yours ignorantly" makes me think of Daddy Long Legs :)


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