Sarah I Arahsae at
Tue Jan 16 23:31:53 EST 2001

I've been quiet for ages but have managed to read YoTG twice.  You guys get in such interesting and involved conversations!  I am mulling the magic thing over.

Michael wrote:
> of books by Garth Nix. At this point I looked up at the "cashier", and at
> the same time Catherine stopped in passing to introduce her eldest son
> Garth! 

That's so cool!  I wrote him a gushy email after first reading Sabriel (wow-that was six years ago) and he sent back a great reply.  His SHADE'S CHILDREN is good stuff too, more sci/fi and somewhat dark, but well written.  I never read his RAGWITCH story because it looks too scary for my active nighttime imagination.  

I am so anxious for that sequel--tired of pushing it back on my calendar over and over.  He has the first chapter or so online; has anyone read them?  I can't bear to because I'd hate not having the whole thing there.  Reading it in bits is tortuous.

I am congratulating myself on getting at least one of my students on the track to being a DWJ fan.  She started on CHARMED LIFE and is now devouring A TALE OF TIME CITY.  Now *that* is why I became a teacher!


Is anyone else planning on going to the U2 concert this spring?
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