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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Tue Jan 16 10:45:38 EST 2001

>Ania is pronounced exactly as written, to my eyes, but I'll try to clarify.
>Both As are short, like in Northern English "bath". Stress in first A, two
>syllables. The I only serves to soften the N, so the sound is like French
>"gn" in e.g. ligne. Most English - speaking people upon hearing it spell it
>Anya. (It's SO irritating!)

Well, that's how I was pronouncing it in my head, but then I was 
thinking "Anya", so I'd have been one of those so irritating people. 
At least now I know for sure, and will "see" it correctly while 
reading it.

Hallie - pronounced to rhyme with "Sally" or "valley", but then we've 
done this before here - and no one was exactly asking ;)

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