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In message <002601c07fc2$f3308480$325e94ca at agraham>, "Anita Graham" writes:
>does Hebrew have (I suppose not) an equivalent to the English saying about
>cats having nine lives? I have always presumed that Cat's nickname came from
>someone (Gwendoline or his parents) who recognized him as a nine-lived
>enchanter but hid the information from him. After all, who created the
>matchbook which held his lives?

If I recall correctly, when Gwendolyn comes back from being the Queen of
her universe she mockingly tells Cat that she called him Cat as a joke, to
taunt him becuase she was using his lives and his magic and because she
was sure he was too stupid to get it. She was also the one who put his
lives in the matchbook, to use them more easily (which either she admits
to or Chrestomanci tells Cat she has done, I can't remember offhand and
I'm at work and can't check.)

>I know that Cat's nickname - whcih had no other obvious source - gave me a
>clue to his role in the world before it was revealed explicitly in the book.

It was supposed to- Chrestomanci, at the end, says something like "maybe I
should have called you Cat too, maybe then you'd have understood sooner".

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