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Tue Jan 16 08:48:03 EST 2001

> As for information on foreign editions... I don't want to
> jinx it, but
> "Charmed Life" should be coming out in Israel in April,
> Published by Keter
> publishing house, translated by Netta Yedid. We have not yet
> settled on a
> final title, the working title is "Khayey Kesem" which sort
> of literally
> means "charmed Life" or "life of magic", but doesn't have the
> nice double
> meaning.
> I'm also wracking my brains over what to call Cat. The
> translator has left
> it so that that the name would be pronounced "cat" but mean
> nothing at all
> to the reader. (though I do bring into account that "cat" is
> probably one of
> the first 50 words anyone learns in English). But I'm still
> not sure we
> shouldn't call him "khatouli", which is Hebrew for "kitty"
> and sounds like a
> reasonable affectionate nickname for a small boy.


does Hebrew have (I suppose not) an equivalent to the English saying about
cats having nine lives? I have always presumed that Cat's nickname came from
someone (Gwendoline or his parents) who recognized him as a nine-lived
enchanter but hid the information from him. After all, who created the
matchbook which held his lives?

I know that Cat's nickname - whcih had no other obvious source - gave me a
clue to his role in the world before it was revealed explicitly in the book.


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