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Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 16 07:09:07 EST 2001

I'm not sure that the fact that results are hard to replicate means that 
magic is not scientific. I think it has more to do with the fact that there 
are SOOO many factors to replicate. *Who* is doing the magic is evidently 
crucial to the results. The spell is affected by everything to do with the 
conditions surrounding it, and the person casting it: how much training they 
had recieved, where their natural talents and inclinations lie, what they 
had eaten for breakfast, where they were standing in relation to a point of 
power, what the weather was like that day, whether they had had any 
training. In this respect I think magic could be compared to a skill like 
athletics: not all people are capable of running a mile in four minutes, or 
swimming across the channel; sometimes the same person succeeds on one trial 
but fails on the next. However, the principles guiding whether one can or 
can not succeed in athletics are still scientific principles. The same with 
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