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Tue Jan 16 06:54:20 EST 2001

>Concerning the information about translated DWJ books:
>I planning send you something about the German translations (I've
>already started and found out that Magicians of Caprona will be back in
>print and Lives of C. Chant translated! Isn't that neat? :-). What I
>wanted to add: Wouldn't it be interesting to add the name of the
>translator, too? Maybe there are even different versions of on book...

Bettina: I doubt very much that the books have been translated more than 
once into the same language, unless the publishing business in Germany has 
flourished beyond my wildest dreams!
Usually a translation contract gives translation rights to one particular 
publishing house for several years; it might take a decade or more after a 
book has been translated for the translation rights to revert back to the 
original owner for resale. Which is one of the reasons why most of the books 
that are available in multiple translation are really old books, often books 
that are in public domain. Unless the rights are cheap, the author is a sure 
sell, and there is something to be clearly gained by updating a translation, 
a book is not likely to ever be retranslated.

As for information on foreign editions... I don't want to jinx it, but 
"Charmed Life" should be coming out in Israel in April, Published by Keter 
publishing house, translated by Netta Yedid. We have not yet settled on a 
final title, the working title is "Khayey Kesem" which sort of literally 
means "charmed Life" or "life of magic", but doesn't have the nice double 

I'm also wracking my brains over what to call Cat. The translator has left 
it so that that the name would be pronounced "cat" but mean nothing at all 
to the reader. (though I do bring into account that "cat" is probably one of 
the first 50 words anyone learns in English). But I'm still not sure we 
shouldn't call him "khatouli", which is Hebrew for "kitty" and sounds like a 
reasonable affectionate nickname for a small boy.

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