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> Garth Nix is great too.  Well, I loved Sabriel anyway, and have been meaning
> to read more by him.  Did he recommend DWJ to you in person, or was it in
> something you read by him?

Actually yes and no :-) I had first read the recommendation on his
website a while back, and put it on my list of things to chase up. About 2
months ago I attended a paper exhibition in Canberra at the studio of Kate
Ford and Catherine Nix (you can probably already see where this is going,
but I just didn't make the connection). While I was waiting for the
cashier to add up my purchases I noticed the table was covered with stacks
of books by Garth Nix. At this point I looked up at the "cashier", and at
the same time Catherine stopped in passing to introduce her eldest son
Garth! After I had picked my jaw up off the table and re-hinged it, we had
a nice little chat (he didn't seem to mind that I just replied
"duh..duh..duh" to most of his questions). Focal point of the discussion
was the upcoming release of the sequel to Sabriel (of which he had the US
harcover dustjacket), due for release in March/April. I can't wait!


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