The nature of magic (and back to Godshatter)

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Hallie wrote
> Given the ability to fiddle magically with genetic material, Derk 
> _would_ get it right because a griffin is what he would produce when 
> he produced, er, a griffin.  And your idea about trying to work with 
> an old recipe makes sense to me too.  A griffin wasn't Derk's own 
> idea obviously, or it would have been something unknown in mythology.

That's about where I was coming from. I find that when I try to think 
about science and magic together, especially genetics and magic 
my head begins to spin. I then have a tendency to know what I 
mean but not how to say it. This is quite topical for me at the 
moment as I've started to run my "science that's the same as 
magic " role playing campaign, which was discussed on the 
Godshatter thread. There's one player, Asha, who has been 
reading the same books as me and I find myself saying "Well Asha 
knows what I mean, every time I get in a muddle. She's playing a 
the only character who deals with stuff on the meta level -- which is 
just as well really. I've invented a skill for her called metaphysical 
hacking,  which will let her do the really deep stuff eventually, 
whatever it is. It basically stands for that bit of the science that we 
can't distinguish from magic.................... 

Luckily I thought of a good wheeze to get over the fact that I don't 
know what I'm doing yet -- the first scenario was part of their virtual 
reality training. Thus we can change anything that doesn't work 
without damaging the integrity of world or characters. So far I've 
discovered that monstrous creatures built to a fantasy model can't 
hack it against the damage from high tech weapons but the thing 
as a whole is working.

Btw who is the Gods' hatter?


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