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Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Mon Jan 15 15:31:34 EST 2001

Ania said...
> > I was noticing that words like
> > realise, apologise, and recognise were all spelled contrary to my spell
> > checker (which spells them all with a 'z')  is this standard British
> > spelling?
> > Rebecca D. Ganetzky
> I believe both are acceptable in Gt. Britain, but -ise is more usual, and
> more traditional. What's the situation in Ireland?

"ise" is normal; "ize" is considered American.  It's giving me a lot of
trouble in my writers' workshop, where all the other participants are
American, and keep correcting my (standard British Isles) spelling (to
conform with US standard).  Grr.

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