resurfacing after a long absence

Anna Skarzynska theania at
Mon Jan 15 12:57:21 EST 2001

Hallie wrote, ever so nicely!
> Belated welcome back, Ania!  I certainly didn't forget you (do you
> still want the copy of the poem my father translated? - I've
> forgotten _which_ poem it was now, but not you!), and it's nice to
> see you here again.
Thanks for the welcome, sorry it took so long to reply... The poem was the
one known as "The scholar and his cat", the cat's name being Pangur.

> One question, since we've been on the subject of names and
> pronunciations and all.  How do you pronounce Ania?

Ania is pronounced exactly as written, to my eyes, but I'll try to clarify.
Both As are short, like in Northern English "bath". Stress in first A, two
syllables. The I only serves to soften the N, so the sound is like French
"gn" in e.g. ligne. Most English - speaking people upon hearing it spell it
Anya. (It's SO irritating!)

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