Happy New Year and hello again! Much Rambling.

Anna Skarzynska theania at freeuk.com
Mon Jan 15 12:02:32 EST 2001

Hi everyone,
I am finally catching up with stuff. The festive season passed peacefully
and pleasantly enough and involved lots of food. I haven't posted anything
for a while beforehand because everyone started to discuss YotG, which I
have not read yet. Being v. broke I am waiting for some spare cash so I can
treat myself. I also ought to reread Dark Lord... Does anyone think that
Derkholm is meant to be pronounced Darkholm, analogous with the
pronunciation of Derby, Berkshire and the old pron. of vermin, preserved in
Meanwhile, I read (finally!) Deep Secret and it was wonderful, probably my
favourite DWJ. Then I noticed that the Dec. photo in my wall calendar was
exactly like I imagined Hotel Babylon. The calendar was left here by my
landlady and is of "picturesque Dorset" (English county, if anyone from
overseas doesn't know) The photo in question is of the village of Corfe
Castle at night. In the foreground is a sizeable country inn/hotel, brightly
illuminated, standing in what looks like the main village square. Behind are
the ruins of the castle, which stand on a hill and so poke above the inn's
roofline. It looks at first glance like the inn and the castle are one
structure. V. impressive.
And following the list's recommendation, I just read P. Pullman's Northern
Lights and it was FANTASTIC! Words fail me. I stayed up until 3 am to finish
it and woke up thinking about it, and I am so impressed! My monstrously
large cat, Thomas Black-Pudding, (aka Behemoth, after the cat in Bulgakov's
Master and Margarita), who sleeps with me has now been positively identified
as my daemon. I shall be buying vol 2 tomorrow. And I'll tell all my friends
to read it.
While on the subject of conversion, I am pleased to report that my friend
Simon, whom I presented with my spare copy of Charmed Life, has now read it
and wants more. I shall email him the details of the list. We were at
college together and he just got his PhD, and is now teaching Welsh in
Galway at the uni there, jammy git.
Anyway, this has turned into a v. long rambling, I only meant to say hello
again and to wish everyone an excellent New Year. I'll be writing other
stuff soon and separately.

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