the nature of magic

Robyn Starkey robyns at
Mon Jan 15 03:11:10 EST 2001

>Oh, I so agree!  I've been having dreadful trouble with the shapeshifters in
>the book I'm writing, because they *must* obey the Law of Conservation of
>Mass, but then what happens when a 2' long dragon transforms into a 5'6"
>human?  (Or vice versa)

There are a couple of okay books by Mercedes Lackey and someone (Andre 
Norton?) called Elvenblood and something similar - sorry to be so vague but 
the books are down 2 flights of stairs and if I go down there my baby will 
want to come and help me email and her idea of helping is to unplug the 
modem - ANYWAY, the books deal with shapeshifting dragons and they have 
some cool solutions to the mass thing. When they go down in size, the extra 
mass goes into the 'out' which seems to be a spirit plane or similar, and 
some trained people can still see it in some way. Also, they have definite 
limits on how small they can go because of this imbalance. The books are 
not great but they are full of interesting ideas about magic, including an 
exploration of the difference between being able to do big powerful magic 
and little fine detail magic.


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