A wretched job

Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Thu Jan 11 11:37:44 EST 2001

>Quite. However, I was taking such a job because I couldn't induce anyone
>else to give me the time of day.

I do sympathise. No-one will give me the time of day either - I'm too old,
not experienced, no degree etc. We live in a high-unemployment area and the
place is flooded with middle-aged people who lost jobs when the local mills
either closed or down-sized as well as with teenagers who have no experience
to speak of.

I know quite a few couples in which both have paying jobs, and quite a few
in which neither has a paying job. To my eye there's no discernable
difference between them. Same education, same background, same respectable
characters...in fact, I know one case where a man and his wife are in good
jobs yet his brother and his wife (and the wives are from the same
background) have been out of work for some years.

As I tell my daughter (also looking for work) - take anything you can get as
long as it's respectable, for to she who hath will be given and employers
seem to prefer people who already have jobs.


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