A wretched job

amaebi at iwon.com amaebi at iwon.com
Thu Jan 11 09:56:14 EST 2001

>Well, no wonder.  It seems to me that they couldn't get anyone for months
>because they suck.

Quite. However, I was taking such a job because I couldn't induce anyone
else to give me the time of day. I did not get to the stage at which one
negotiates remuneration. I did not get any response beyond the occasional
postcard acknowledging application.

This leads me to believe that part of what I am earning at this job is non-academic
employment history. I will of course be seeing whether this gets me anywhere,
and I am also attempting credentialling in other ways.

>Did you stop looking?  I'd keep my resume (CV) is circulation...

I have.

>One of the
>interesting things I've found since our discussion is more surveys that
>claim the disparity is largely attributable to many women not knowing what
>their work is worth.  That puts them at a disadvantage when it comes time
>negotiate wages.

Yes, I've seen that, too. One of its pleasing features is how difficult
it is to test as a significant causative factor.

>I am a computer programmer with an English degree.  For five years, I found
>that as I learned, my skills became more valuable in the market.  But I
>found that my current employer was often reluctant to cough up the extra
>money (they felt that since I had learned on their watch that I owed them--a
>point, but only useful if they have reciprocal loyalty, which they don't).
>So in five years, I had three different employers and an average salary
>increase of 20% a year.  My only point being that I knew what my work was
>worth, and I went looking until I found someone willing to pay me that
>Well, until I started my own business...

I congratulatew you on your experiences, and wish mine were remotely similar.

Mary Ann

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