yotg discussion with spoilers

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed Jan 10 16:08:53 EST 2001

Ven wrote:

>I have a belated two pennorth. One p says it could all be solved
>with a time travel plot. IE at some point some griffins descended
>from the ones Derk made go back and become their own
>ancestors! Two p says its not clear exactly where Derk got his
>ideas from  -- he might have been trying to recreate an old recipe.
>That fits quite well with Hallie's idea too, that there is only one way
>to combine the genes to get the desired result of a griffin.

I don't think I was that clear about what I meant on this, and hadn't 
the time to reply earlier, so I'm glad for your "belated" bringing it 
back up.

What I think I meant to say was that a griffin IS a cross between an 
eagle and a lion.  But, assuming we accept the existence of such a 
creature, then this would be a genetically determined fact.  Just as 
a dog IS a dog on genetic grounds, but we look at a dog being a dog 
on some fuzzily based group of characteristics we can see.  So a 
griffin is this entity which is a griffin, but we just never think 
that of it as having a genetic basis, because it's a "fabulous 
creature", rather than one we usually think of in genetic terms.

Given the ability to fiddle magically with genetic material, Derk 
_would_ get it right because a griffin is what he would produce when 
he produced, er, a griffin.  And your idea about trying to work with 
an old recipe makes sense to me too.  A griffin wasn't Derk's own 
idea obviously, or it would have been something unknown in mythology.

>It still
>bothers me a bit though that Elda is the only one to have cat genes.

Yes, now that you mention it, that bothers me as well.

Hallie  - who hasn't studied genetics for a looooong time now.

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