the nature of magic

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Wed Jan 10 15:42:12 EST 2001

Rebecca said...

>Actually, at least the way I've always thought of it (keep in mind
>that I am an extremely scientific person, and try to define all magic
>under Schrodinger's laws or GUT (grand unification theory)), magic
>does reduce weight (I doesn't automatically add it, though).
>This is about as logical to me as saying that say, sit-ups burn
>calories, because the energy for magic has to come from somewhere
>because of the laws of thermodynamics,

Oh, I so agree!  I've been having dreadful trouble with the shapeshifters in
the book I'm writing, because they *must* obey the Law of Conservation of
Mass, but then what happens when a 2' long dragon transforms into a 5'6"
human?  (Or vice versa)

I don't care if it's magic, it's gotta make sense!  (Now I'm puzzling about

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