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Courtney M Eckhardt cme at MIT.EDU
Wed Jan 10 16:01:20 EST 2001

Hello all,

Deborah and I have given the site some much-needed attention recently,
having somewhat more time than normal because of all the time off they
give us in the winter in the United States. :)

In particular, the bookshop area has recieved a lot of attention, with new
cover scans, notes about the books/stories, and with all of the purchase
links changed to Powells and/or Heffers.  A full list of updates can of
course be found in the news announcements on the front page.

We also met to talk a little about what work still needs to be done and
what features or content we want to add.  We already have information on
nearly all of Diana's books that have been published, and we thought it
woudl be a good idea to start collecting information about which ones have
been published in other languages.  For that, we'd like to request the
help of all of you, with your name to be noted with your contributions. :)

However, if you think this is a bad idea, or something that just won't be
interesting or useful, you should let us know... if there are enough
protests we will reconsider the project.

We're looking for a few different types of information:

1. Title of the book in the non-English language, and what language it is
2. Is it a different title than the English title?  If so, what does it
mean when you translate it back?
3. Were the names of the characters changed?  If they were, can you give
us a mapping from English -> other language for the main characters?

Please send any submissions to owner-dwj at, which goes to
Deborah and I.  That way whoever has free time soonest can add your
information to the site.

Also, if the language you're submitting needs a character set other than
US ASCII and you know something about writing HTML in that character set,
please let us know!  I, at least, would like to pick your brains. :)  And
if you understood none of that that, that's okay- don't worry about it. It
was a request for technical information because I'm lazy and don't want to
look it up. :P

Thank you for any help and comments,
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