A wretched job

Jacob Proffitt Jacob at Proffitt.com
Wed Jan 10 15:37:35 EST 2001

On Wed, 10 Jan 2001 07:14:26 -0800, amaebi at iwon.com wrote:

>>>embarking on a month of 15-hour workdays without extra pay
>>You need a pay hike or a new job...
>I quite agree, but I was apparently able to get this one (which also pays
>badly for regular full-time) because they couldn't get anyone else for months.

Well, no wonder.  It seems to me that they couldn't get anyone for months
because they suck.

>That is, what I need and what I can get seem to be quite different at present.

Did you stop looking?  I'd keep my resume (CV) is circulation...

>I haven't forgotten about the references to economics articles on the causes
>of wage/salary disparity, by the way-- I just haven't got round to it yet!

That's okay.  Sounds like you have enough to do anyway.  One of the
interesting things I've found since our discussion is more surveys that
claim the disparity is largely attributable to many women not knowing what
their work is worth.  That puts them at a disadvantage when it comes time to
negotiate wages.

Personally, I hate negotiating wages, but I found it goes better if I have a
realistic picture of what I'm worth--that way I know when to be obstinate.
I am a computer programmer with an English degree.  For five years, I found
that as I learned, my skills became more valuable in the market.  But I also
found that my current employer was often reluctant to cough up the extra
money (they felt that since I had learned on their watch that I owed them--a
point, but only useful if they have reciprocal loyalty, which they don't).
So in five years, I had three different employers and an average salary
increase of 20% a year.  My only point being that I knew what my work was
worth, and I went looking until I found someone willing to pay me that much.
Well, until I started my own business...

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