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> >Not to mention adjusting the focal depth of eyeballs to eliminate the need
>  >for glasses. No doubt there's LOTS of purely mechanical fine tuning
>  >adjustments that people would pay good money for.
>  Oh yes, never thought of that!  You'd think after 32 years of 
>  corrective lenses it would have been high on my list.  And, unlike 
>  Nat, magic is the _only_ way I could even think of having this done.
>  Hallie.

My brother had the laser surgery not long ago, but as he's a very serious 
karate dude (I've lost track of what dan blackbelt he is, but either fourth 
or fifth), it made more sense for him than it does for me.

I've never been able to figure out why Harry Potter has to go on wearing 
glasses. And surely magic would be rather good for disposing of one's 
unwanted pounds of flesh? And ... well, I could go on about all the wonderful 
things a magic midwife could do, but I imagine people have different 
tolerances for detail on that topic :)

Helen Schinske
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