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Mon Jan 8 16:24:14 EST 2001


Thanks for writing about Connie Willis. I've been skipping some of the threads
lately because of holiday time constraints, but I started reading everything
again in time to catch yours. I bought myself--I mean my husband-- _Miracle_
last year in hardback for Christmas and had forgotten its title when I read
your note, so I got all excited and rushed to Amazon to look it up. Of course
I was disappointed when I saw it was a book I already have, but then I noticed
that a new novel, _Passage_, is coming out in April! Like I said, I've been
missing things, so maybe everyone has already discussed this to death, but if
anyone has more info on it, I'd love to hear about it. I did find an interview
at where she mentions an upcoming
novel but doesn't say too much about it.

Jennifer Forsyth

Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

> I haven't written in ages and ages and ages, because I have School
> and Work, but anyway, Hi, Becca here!
> I HAVE to write back regarding Connie Willis. She is joint with DWJ
> as my all-time favourite author, and as well as writing some amazing
> books (amazing amazing amazing!!!), she is also incredibly
> unbelievably nice. AGES ago (In September 2000, I think) I wrote her
> a letter, and a few weeks ago, when I'd just finished my Christmas
> exams and was badly in need of cheering up, I got a PACKAGE from her.
> (Package! Not letter! Package!) She wrote me a six-page letter
> (!!!!!! Count the exclamation marks, six!) and sent me a signed copy
> of her newest book Miracle. (Which is brilliant.) And Mom tried to
> steal it for putting in a glass case and said she'd buy me another
> copy, for reading, but I wouldn't let her. Hah. So there. ;)
> Every single book I've read by Connie Willis has been wonderful. I
> loved Doomsday Book--which Mom STILL hasn't plucked up enough courage
> to read--and I loved Fire Watch and To Say Nothing of the Dog and
> Bellwether and I loved Lincoln's Dreams especially and Miracle. (You
> wouldn't know I liked Connie Willis, would you?)

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