Fwd: Re: The nature of magic

Nat Case ncase at hedbergmaps.com
Mon Jan 8 10:51:40 EST 2001

>>In a message dated 1/8/01 3:44:37 AM, hallieod at indigo.ie writes:
>><< came up with a lot of healing
>>stuff I'd like to do: headaches first off, then the kids dental work
>>_without_ the required tooth extraction, and often painful (we won't
>>even mention costly and time-consuming!) brace-wearing.   >>
>>Not to mention adjusting the focal depth of eyeballs to eliminate the need
>>for glasses. No doubt there's LOTS of purely mechanical fine tuning
>>adjustments that people would pay good money for.
>Around $1000 per eye, last I heard. Ingrid was lucky to have medical 
>insurance that covered it for a brief period. I'd think about it 
>seriously if I ever Come Into Money...
>Nat "4-eyes" Case

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