The nature of magic

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Mon Jan 8 04:56:08 EST 2001

This thread is very nice. :) I like this place.

Hm.  My kind of magic. Sometimes I'm having sparks of inspiration when
complicated subjects suddenly become clear, easy in the way that the chaos
turns into 
something you can see patterns in, patterns that make sense. It's like
parts of a puzzle 
suddenly falling into the rigth places *all at once*.
That's similar to what Jennifer wrote:
>And I'd have to understand things properly, know how they worked as a
>or fit together, then I could put a spell-structure together to
I can really see that working for me too: if you *understand* that way,
you can find a 
lever, and change things.

As for the execution: I'm rather fascinated by the 16th century approach,
where magic was 
by some people seen as a form of science. And I fancy neat and complicated
drawings on 
the floor, a bit like the ones Rupert does in Deep Secret.
I also like Dorian's idea of finding the right words/phrases/sentences.
Like finding the right 
frequency for magic resonance.

And for more "everyday things", I'd like small spells sparkling a little,
to brigthen the mood, 
cast a new light, make people laugh, tiny light flowers...


They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a
little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin

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