The nature of magic

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Sun Jan 7 23:01:32 EST 2001

Ooh, Elise, the magical origamis sound absolutely fantastic.

Personal anecdote:  I've kept myself sane--er, functional rather-- through
my first (and very much introductory) year of computer science because I
realized that programming is magic:  spiritual [intellectual,
non-physical] reality, through specific words, directly affects physical
reality.  There are non-conversational languages for this kind of magic.
There are complicated rules for putting spells together.  Attention and
logic are required, and disasters may ensue.  For a while now I've been
toying with the idea of writing a story in which magic works like computer
programming, only much more complicatedly.  In that context, for
instance, infinite loops in one's spells may cause hordes and hordes of
white rabbits to issue forth from the given hat. :)

I find that idea of magic amusing, but not 100% aesthetically satisfying.
I prefer magic acts being more physical, more bodily--like
folding origamis, or waving one's hands, or playing the cwidder.  But the
"mental" magic would have the advantage of bypassing clumsiness...  Bah,
wishful thinking.


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