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All right, that did it.

Becca, I'm afraid you are one of those people with the capacity of
making people want to read the books you talk about favourably.  (I follow
C.S. Lewis in calling it the faculty of entusiastick [sic] criticism.)
The works of Connie Willis are now firmly entrenched in my (virtual, due
to tiny apartment) To Read pile, and it's all your fault. :)

I've read To Say Nothing of the Dog, and I must confess that, weeks later,
close friends have had to threaten physical violence to make me stop
saying dearums dearums this and that. I still catch myself saying things
like "what a darling darling whatnot" in a cooing tone of voice.  (Connie
Willis, like Dorothy Sayers, has the dangerous gift for characters with
infectious verbal mannerisms.)



On Sun, 7 Jan 2001, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

> I haven't written in ages and ages and ages, because I have School 
> and Work, but anyway, Hi, Becca here!
> I HAVE to write back regarding Connie Willis. She is joint with DWJ 
> as my all-time favourite author, and as well as writing some amazing 
> books (amazing amazing amazing!!!), she is also incredibly 
> unbelievably nice. AGES ago (In September 2000, I think) I wrote her 
> a letter, and a few weeks ago, when I'd just finished my Christmas 
> exams and was badly in need of cheering up, I got a PACKAGE from her. 
> (Package! Not letter! Package!) She wrote me a six-page letter 
> (!!!!!! Count the exclamation marks, six!) and sent me a signed copy 
> of her newest book Miracle. (Which is brilliant.) And Mom tried to 
> steal it for putting in a glass case and said she'd buy me another 
> copy, for reading, but I wouldn't let her. Hah. So there. ;)
> Every single book I've read by Connie Willis has been wonderful. I 
> loved Doomsday Book--which Mom STILL hasn't plucked up enough courage 
> to read--and I loved Fire Watch and To Say Nothing of the Dog and 
> Bellwether and I loved Lincoln's Dreams especially and Miracle. (You 
> wouldn't know I liked Connie Willis, would you?)
> About casting HMC: Cara came up with the idea that Kate Winslet 
> should be either the Witch of the Waste or Ms Angorian, and that 
> Gloria what's-her-name (Old Rose in Titanic) should be Old Sophie. I 
> think that Julia Stiles (who plays grown-up Amy in the newest version 
> of Little Women with Winona Ryder, and Kat in 10 Things I Hate About 
> You) should be Lettie. She has Attitude.
> I think Doomsday Book would make a brilliant movie too, because it's 
> such a 'surprise!' story, and because special effects and make-up 
> and costume could really be put to use. Would anyone else who's read 
> it agree with me? (I'm trying to make Mom read it, but so far I 
> haven't had very much luck. :) )
> Cheers,
> Becca
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