yotg discussion (Spoilers)

Robyn Starkey robyns at corplink.com.au
Sun Jan 7 18:33:18 EST 2001

I am enjoying everyone's comments on YOTG, and I have noticed that a lot of 
the criticisms are the same ones that I had of the book and it occurs to me 
that they are distilled into one comment - the book isn't long enough. Not 
exactly in the sense that the story finishes too soon, but that there are 
clearly large chunks of the book that were written in DWJ's head but didn't 
make it into the book. I thought when I picked it up that it was 
disappointingly thin in terms of physical measurement, but it is a bit like 
that in terms of content as well. I must say that this seems 
uncharacteristic and I wonder if there was some external imposed on DWJ 
about length or time to produce the book.


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