Clearing My Name: Was: Re: Connie Willis/casting

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Sun Jan 7 14:48:24 EST 2001

>  She wrote me a six-page letter (!!!!!! Count the exclamation marks, 
>six!) and sent me a signed copy of her newest book Miracle. (Which 
>is brilliant.) And Mom tried to steal it for putting in a glass case 
>and said she'd buy me another copy, for reading, but I wouldn't let 
>her. Hah. So there. ;)

Er.Just for the record - I don't _own_ a glass case, and wasn't even 
attempting to "steal" the book!  I just kind of hoped she'd treat it 
a little more kindly than she does most other books (and NOT read it 
while pouring milk on her cereal at breakfast, and NOT take it into 
the BATH, and...  ok.  You get the picture.)  I offered to get her 
another copy, as this was on my Christmas list to buy her anyway, and 
she could have kept the signed copy for reading in her room, or on 
the sofa, and NOT left it under the pile of dirty clothes waiting to 
go to the hamper...  Er.  Sorry again.

Hallie (who's not the type to steal poor helpless children's signed 
books.  Really!)

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