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Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzky at
Sun Jan 7 12:58:59 EST 2001

Yes, I loved Doomsday Book too (I'm actively considering not giving it back
to my school library, because they buried it somewhere and let it collect
dust, and lost their entire Willis collection until I came in weekly and
pestered them about finding it  (some had been filled with the Ys, some in
the Us, and Doomsday Book had been pulled aside for a Sophmore Lit class
and never put back, so it was resting with a bunch of picture books pulled
for an art class.))  What is this new Willis book?  I haven't heard of it.
(I also haven't managed to find a copy of Firewatch.  But I got confused
about the relation of Doomsday Book to To Say Nothing of the Dog.
Dunworthy and co. are in both, but how come besides Dunworthy and FInch
there is no character overlap?  Is DB after the Bishop's wife stopped
working the net, but before the whole Conventry restoration thing?

By the way, Becca, I approve of your casting for Howl's Moving Castle.
Kate Winslet looks like how I always imagined the witch of waste, although
she might make a better Ms. Angorian.

Rebecca D. Ganetzky

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