The nature of magic

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at
Sun Jan 7 08:33:47 EST 2001

Joyce wrote:

>I think about this the more likely the probability that any magic I
>produced would have the same general characteristics as my everyday work. 
> >Nothing to write home about and embarassingly in keeping with the 
>low-risk >mentality of a civil-service lifer. It would be solidly 
>competent, sometimes >quite attractive and always on time. But never 
>dazzling, and seldom original... >Rather discouraging, on the whole...

I'm not sure it is. It sounds like you're the kind of DWJ protagonist who 
thinks rather little of his/herself but is surprised to realise  how much 
the others have come to depend on him/her. The kind who keep their heads in 
an emergency, instead of doing whatever harebrained deeds lead to 
emergencies in the first place. And I don't think Mr. Chesney would approve 
of your magic at all, he seems to go for glitz and glamour and Romantic 
Notions, and LOOKING good as opposed to BEING good - I doubt someone with 
"no imagination" but plenty of honesty would be capable of pleasing Chesney.
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