The nature of magic

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Sat Jan 6 13:05:20 EST 2001

The more I think about this the more likely the probability that any magic I 
produced would have the same general characteristics as my everyday work. 
Nothing to write home about and embarassingly in keeping with the low-risk 
mentality of a civil-service lifer. It would be solidly competent, sometimes 
quite attractive and always on time. But never dazzling, and seldom original. 
Not sure what form it would take (word-based, process-based, whatever, etc.) 
but certain constants can be antcipated when the producer is a person of 
good, and fairly wide memory, considerable resourcefulness and virtually NO 

Few people wanting to employ a magician would hire me at all, but anyone who 
did would have few complaints about the work not getting done, or not getting 
done in an acceptable manner. There wouldn't be any awards passed out comming 
in my direction, but my employers wouldn't feel cheated. They'd just need to 
hire someone else for the projects that they wanted to impress anyone with. 
Mr Chesney would probably have approved, if he ever knew I existed (unlikely).

Rather discouraging, on the whole...
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