yotg discussion (Spoilers)

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Fri Jan 5 14:15:22 EST 2001

Dwarves with Notebook of Truth:
+ I rather doubt that.  They'll write things like "Gold is found by extending
+ shaft 13 another 100 feet."  And "A weapon's temper may be improved by
+ folding the metal 1,000 times."  The book is a dream for inventor/craftsmen.

I should edit out your first statement, since it will fade from the book! Any
records of that which is demonstrably /verifiably true, like your second 
statement would be rather a waste of the Book. It would have been nice if
some craftsman had entered the notion "salt water is as good as blood for
tempering a blade" and have it remain in the face of superstitious reasoning
about "virtue" in blood-tempering a weapon, but only to stop the blood-letting
before experimental proof was supplied. Still rather a waste.

The Book is a useful "vector of interest" not a way to record the catch (to
use a metaphor from that section of Auden's _The Quest_ again). Or rather, I
reckon it's a waste to use it rather than an ordinary notebook in the latter
way. And proven methods are as much a prize as material gain.

Of course, I could also use it to pretend to be terribly clever (or at least
as infallible as Melissa) by drafting all my compositions in it.

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