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What is Learnt at Uni:
Jennifer -  

+ But you aren't taught "The Scientific Method"- you're taught how to do
+ biology or materials, and you pick up the deeper method from amongst that.

I know... but DWJ clearly prioritises "mental magic" as it's described in
_Hexwood_, and talks about how one is taught Theory of Magic in order to be
more than a hedge-witch in _Charmed Life_. The university in YotG - well, it
would require a spoiler or so to argue that it teaches Magical Method rather
than magic - we'll wait 'til you've read it ;) 

+ (Each field of science has different enough techniques - even, between say
+ paleontology and physics, different versions of the method- can't run
+ experiments to see how tyrannosaurs evolved, it's deductions after the fact-
+ that knowing the abstract, questioning, evidential *values* of science isn't
+ enough to *be* a scientist.) 

What, practical applications from mere undergraduates? Maybe as grad. students
under the guidance of a suitable elder... <grin>. Meanwhile, they can buckle
down and receive the distilled wisdom those elders have formulated. You can
imagine what that's like in a world sweat-shopped by Chesney.

I think of magic as an analogue of creativity, as science is an analogue
of rational analysis. I was trying to figure out why magic is taught as one 
over-arching subject, and I keep looking at the primary ways to deal with 
Stuff in our consensus reality.

Buried in a spoiler thread is the start of people guessing at what their
magic would be like: mine would deal with the implications of the visualised,
and I would be forever raising semi-lethal lines of speculation! 


"With time in tempest everywhere   to rafts of frail assumption cling
 the saintly and the insincere     Enraged phenomena bear down
 in overwhelming waves to drown    both sufferer and suffering"  W.H. Auden
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