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Thu Jan 4 15:54:38 EST 2001

I was rummaging through a Barnes and Noble(Xmas gift certificates are the
*best*) the other day, and came across a short story colection edited by
Helen Cresswell that has a DWJ short story in it.  I grabbed it up, not
bothering to check to see that I had already reda the story ("The
Master").  Oh well.  It was interesting, though, that the collection is of
mystery stories (it's title is _Mystery Stories: an intriguin
collection_).  Thinking a little harder about it, I can see why it be
included in a mystery collection.  I get stuck in conventional notions of
genre sometimes.  Speaking of a very unconventional genre novel, I am
almost done with _To Say Nothing of the Dog_, a book which has been
recommended to me over and over again, and I can see why.  It kept me up
til 2am last night.  I will definitely have to hunt down more Connie
Willis books.  But back to the genre angle, _To Say Nothing..._ was
shelved under Sci -fi, but it has lots of elements from
romance and detective fiction as well.  

Oh, and thank you, Hallie, for letting me know that bol.com is out of
Sorcery and Cecilia.  That price *was* too good to be true.  Sigh.  Maybe
I'll find it cheap in some second hand shop run by people who have no idea
of its value...


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