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Wed Jan 3 22:30:33 EST 2001

Devra at aol.com wrote:

> On the other hand, after all our discussions about not particularly trusting
> in or relying on older people for help, here we see an example where Policant
> and Flurry are stepping in to take care of things - and I am sure that they
> will do a very good job of it too.  This is not DWJ's usual attitude IMHO.

I agree! This is one of the things that I thought made it feel to me like a
lighter, younger book than DL. In DL, there was nobody in reserve. If the people
who were involved couldn't solve the problem, Mr. Cheney would simply keep up his
tyranny. But in YotG, I always had the feeling that if things got really bad,
they could always call on Derk (or, as it turns out, Blade and Kit and Flury and
Policant and Querida). Speaking of which, what did anyone else feel about the
number of major characters in YotG (including cameos of major characters from
DL)? (Sorry if we've already covered that; I'm losing track of written vs. oral
conversations on the book.)

Jennifer Forsyth

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