OT: pair-bonding

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Wed Jan 3 01:19:45 EST 2001

Ah, it was Kyla who sparked my relevant-to-YotG comments on relationships.
The ones in this email are now no longer directly relevant... er... I do
witter about griffins, but carefully avoided including any new detail from
YotG, so I'm pretty sure I haven't given any spoilers.
+ Erm. Except there are people that I find extremely attractive that I could
+ never imagine falling in love with. Haven't you ever seen anyone for the
+ first time and said "Oh my, I'm going to *like* this person," I mean as a
+ friend? Someone who looks *neat*, interesting and nice and someone you'd
+ love to talk to for hours? I don't believe in *love* at first sight, but I
+ believe in *potential* love at first sight. You have to know people before
+ you can really love them. But that spark can be there.

When I get that little "ooh, neat person!" frisson, it rarely has anything to
do with looks. If you differentiate physical and social stuff just a little bit
more, then one can see people walking down the street who are magnificently
easy on the eye... but it's how someone *thinks* that is the key to whether I
think they're a neat *person*. In fact, I rather resented the fact that a girl
at Somerville had such strikingly wonderful looks, because it meant she was
constantly busy dealing with swooning swains (I was allowed to resent it
because she had a certain resigned weariness too: getting rid of suitors was
extremely difficult because, you see, she was socially nice too and was never
as short with unwanted admirers as I was). Mind you, the man on my dance card
happens to have many of the physical qualities I find delightful, but the woman
was someone I knew I liked and could talk with from intensive email but was 
rather stunned to find was powerfully attractive too!

I'm completely susceptible to "enchanter eyes", with bright intelligence
spilling out of them, but I would never found a relationship on Nice Eyes.
I think human beings, as well as griffins, have unreasonable bits of animal
in them, but it shouldn't pre-empt one's social behaviour!

It's possible that griffins were made at two separate junctures, but it's also
possible that Derk is good at instinctual creation, and the other griffins
were the Platonic model to which he was drawn. Certainly, Derk has notions of
how things should be, as shown in his honing of the Beauty/Pretty line.
It's just that there happen to be other griffins Over There, whilst we haven't
seen bred-up dragons or natural flying horses.
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