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Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Wed Jan 3 00:30:54 EST 2001

+ > But the characters were wonderful, and the description of the university
+ > life, and how everyone interacted.  AND MELISSA WAS NOT A COMPLETE MORON.
+ Well, perhaps not.  But _twenty_ gold for those model essays?  I thought the
+ going rate was eight!

Well, this is why Policant is a good guy to drag out of stasis. Having a
teacher who will *make* her think is a rather good thing. The sort of teacher
who yells at Cat for using his off/right hand or terrifies Clistoffer into
using his originality with structure or makes Viv in _Time City_ come up with
original, if odd, translations is probably the Right Sort for people very
tentative about their own abilities. It still seems kind of odd to frighten
people into being more assertive, but hey, in DWJ it works. Books are fine for
the sort of people who will notice that the questions and answers don't form
static models, and will argue stuff around in their brain until it demands some
expression, but that's by no means everyone.

Melissa has looks, and money, and mousey meekness - and *potential*. Getting
a degree with nicely-underlined chapter headings and model essays and exam
technique is all very well, but it would fit her only for a future where being
a happy little worker unit is a good thing. And Mr Chesney is gone gone gone.
For the same reason she didn't write the essays in the first place, she is not
the most perfect of negotiators. In fact, she probably needs a good in loco
parentis situation while she works on her own interests. Like the world, she
needs to break out of the exploitation loop, and like the world, she intends
to do that.

Our consensus reality model of method is nowhere near as strong as the
magical way of using natural talent and a trained grasp of fundamentals and
techniques to Just Do Stuff. Gwendolyn's management of Cat is quite impressive,
in a technical way, but nothing like as enjoyable as seeing Eric Chant get on
track to using his abilities (just as Christopher Chant did before him).
I'm just not qualified to comment on pair-bonding, because I'm aware that I'm
rather deviant from the norm here, in both directions. More than one lover of
more than one sex *and* more alone-time go into my model: that sort of thing 
has to go in the "weird things most people do" ;-) bin. I agree with whoever it
was who said that often there's a Spark at First Sight: most of my friends are
people with whom I had some immediate consonance (either we immediately started 
bellicose intellectual exchanges, or we were actually friendly), but as far as
knowing what the rest of your life is and mapping on a Partner's concerns, I'm
in the dark. There did seem to be more than there usually is in literature, but
perhaps that's because there really is something to this notion that University
is where smart young things find their Life Partners. <iggerant shrug>

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