green ink = nutter

Ven ven at
Wed Feb 28 20:03:27 EST 2001

> I resent that remark. My fountain pen is filled with green ink right now,
> and when it isn't, it has purple ink in it. And I am not a conspiracy nut.
> So there.
> Seriously, I have only come across the green ink=nutter thing since I came
> to the UK. Is it an international thing, or just in English speaking
> countries, or just UK?
> Or has it got a literary origin? Does anyone know?
> Ania

I'm so sorry Ania, it was just a throwaway line, honest. Some of 
my best friends use green ink ..........

The green ink = nutter thing has been around for some time. I 
seem to remember it started with celebs and writers claiming they 
could spot the nutty letters by the ink colour, then it became 
shorthand for them  

. OF course its not JUST the ink COLOUR ITS; The strange USE, 
of capital leeters. and the peculiar PUNCTUATUION and speeling 
that GIVE them away? I have seen a genuine, barking stalker's 
letter and it was actually written in black with spiffy illustrations of 
wolves and skulls and blood drips. And a poem. It wasn't 
addressed to me, thankfully,  and eventually got its writer 18  

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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