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>Lizzie wrote:
>>Also, since I mentioned the backs of books, I was wondering if anyone
>>as strongly about those as some of us do about covers (which by the way     
>>aren't awful, but nor are they awe-inspiring: they simply have a rather     
>>fluffy cat that doesn't really make me think of Throgmorten though it       
>>could be Fiddle or even Bethei--I should have looked closer and seen if     
>>they'd adjusted it to look slightly violin-ish :^).  I'll start by saying   
>>that I really like the back of the Ace version of Howl:                     
>[quote clipped]                                                              
>Is this a new version of Howl?  I checked Amazon and the only version
>there is the one I have: a hardcover, the back of which gives blurbs and
>quotes about other DWJ books, not about Howl itself.

The Ace paperback edition is 1989.  The website has the cover picture--it's
the first one in the row of thumbnails.  Very unattractive cover, but we've
had this discussion before.

>I too *hate* it when the back cover gives too much away about the
>storyline.  Or--and this has happened too--gives an inaccurate summary of
>the plot.

My favorite example of this is Michael Flynn's _In the Country of the
Blind_.  The back cover gives away WAY too much of the plot, but the front
cover is worse.  The title comes from the quote "in the country of the
blind, the one-eyed man is king" (meaning, of course, that even an imperfect
advantage can make a huge difference if you are the only one who has it).
Well, on the front cover it says menacingly "Beware the one-eyed man..." and
there is a picture of a dark-haired man, gripping his chin in foreboding
thought, and he's got a patch over one eye.  A lovely example of metaphor
gone awry.

Melissa Proffitt
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