In which the back cover of "Howl" versions are discussed

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Wed Feb 28 08:33:05 EST 2001

Lizzie wrote:
>Also, since I mentioned the backs of books, I was wondering if anyone
>as strongly about those as some of us do about covers (which by the way     
>aren't awful, but nor are they awe-inspiring: they simply have a rather     
>fluffy cat that doesn't really make me think of Throgmorten though it       
>could be Fiddle or even Bethei--I should have looked closer and seen if     
>they'd adjusted it to look slightly violin-ish :^).  I'll start by saying   
>that I really like the back of the Ace version of Howl:                     
[quote clipped]                                                              

Is this a new version of Howl?  I checked Amazon and the only version
there is the one I have: a hardcover, the back of which gives blurbs and
quotes about other DWJ books, not about Howl itself.

I too *hate* it when the back cover gives too much away about the
storyline.  Or--and this has happened too--gives an inaccurate summary of
the plot.  It's kind of like movie trailers these days--they give away so
much of the movie that who needs to spend $8 to go see it? 


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