"Chalet School" and other books available

Anna Skarzynska theania at freeuk.com
Tue Feb 27 17:58:23 EST 2001

> Eek, you should have kept those and sent them to me. Any
> anti-roleplaying propaganda?
Not that I saw, or I might have kept them for the bog books shelf! I do have
a copy of something I bought for the title only, and it defies actual
reading. It's called "Is Sin Our Fault?". It is the pearl of my bog book

> > And does anyone collect bibles - Anyway, plenty of Welsh ones there.
> Yes! Also hymn books and prayer books.

Do you want a Welsh bible/hymn book then ? If you have access to any exotic
ones, I'm definitely interested. Dutch?

> I do have a list, and I will send it to you, but I'm too ill to walk
> at the moment (awful stomach bug, my youngest had it on Sunday,
> fortunately it's a one-day thing except that the second day you have
> no appetite to speak of) let alone bend down to get the thing from
> the bottom drawer, I can only sit up straight and think very slowly
> and single-mindedly.
You poor thing. My son and I had flu or something of that ilk all weekend,
but we're improving.
> --
>            Varsinen an laynynay, saraz no arlet rastynay.
What language is this? Latvian? Put me out of my misery and do tell!

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