"Chalet School" and other books available

Anna Skarzynska theania at freeuk.com
Mon Feb 26 16:10:15 EST 2001

> Yeah, but which 17?  I bet it's not the 17 I'm missing!  In fact, I bet
> not one of those 17 will be one that I'm missing.  Grr, snarl.
Send me a list off-list, and I'll see what they have in the charity place
where I'm volunteering. I have undertaken to sort their books. Literally
thousands are crammed into a tiny shed. You wouldn't believe the amount of
trash in there, or the amount of good stuff. And the chaos... I have even
been throwing stuff out. Mostly ancient biographies of obscure Methodists,
the "I was into occult until I found Jesus" variety, diet books (I despise
dieting - and it shows!) and gems like "Anthology of Hockey Writing" from
the 1960s... I haven't got to the fiction section yet. So far tackled :
Philosophy/religion, history, parasitology, no, sorry, royalty and
children's books. And there are some Chalet titles there.
When I went there last, I saw a copy of the excellent Marianne Dreams by
Catherine Storr - any takers? Also available a couple of copies of
Weirdstone of Brisingamen. And does anyone collect bibles - they are a
lingust's dream, all those lovely numbered verses, all in a lovely, quaint,
old-fashioned language... Anyway, plenty of Welsh ones there.


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