Tim Wynne-Jones

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Sun Feb 18 14:01:11 EST 2001

My favorite TWJ is Book of Changes, another collection of short 
stories. He has a very friendly, humane touch:his characters all do 
whatever they do, wonderful or terrible, out of their own fallible 
humanity. There's a story in BoC about a start hockey player and the 
price of fame that gives me the chills whenever I read it.

I also liked Stephen Fair, which manages to ride a delicate line 
amongst a teenage dealing-with-adults story, a coming-of-age story, 
and a mystery. I didn't think it was as completely satisfying as his 
short stories, but still find it haunting.

He also has more satisfying endings than DWJ.

It hasn't been updated for a while, but here's a bio and bibliography:


>Another book I must recommend very very highly: "The Maestro" by Tim 
>Wynne Jones. I first took an interest in this author because of his 
>surname, obviously, but he turned out to be excellent in his own 
>distinct and unique way. I think his short story collection "Some of 
>the Kinder Planets" has been mentioned here before - subtle short 
>stories all set in Now Here but they all seem to find magic in 
>everyday things. I liked "The Maestro" better: also set in Now Here, 
>Canada - about a boy who runs away from his abusive father. Once 
>again TWJ succeeds fabulously in writing a completely realistic, 
>credible story about a troubled teen, with the sense that there is 
>some dark magic subtly at work in the air. I'm not sure this is a 
>good description, but it was an excellent book that is just 
>screaming to be adapted for film.
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