Another Dark Lord

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Sun Feb 18 12:39:13 EST 2001

>>Ages ago, Paul mentioned a book, which sounded very interesting, but
>>turned out to be unavailable here (_A Dark Winter_, by Dave Luckett).
>Ah! This was recently sent to me to review and is sitting on my "to 
>read" shelf... it has just been jumped to top priority. I also 
>recieved a children's book by Dave Luckett, "Rhianna and the Wild 
>Magic", which I've already read - not bad at all, but also not 
>terrifically exciting. Maybe I've read too many books about children 
>coming into their magical powers, and magic at school... there are 
>definite echoes of Christopher Chant in this book. But more girly.
>>Only thing I didn't like was the fact that I didn't catch the Tough
>>Guide wrinkle that Paul originally mentioned - even after finishing
>>the book.
>What do you mean by "wrinkle"?

Oh, just an unexpected or unusual variation.  Odd term, come to think 
of it.  As we often do, on this list. :)  Paul's original statement 
was a lot more elegant (I looked it up after finishing the book, as I 
couldn't remember the TG reference.)  To be quite honest, had I come 
across this book in a bookshop, I'd probably have avoided it.  Partly 
because I found the cover hideous, and partly because it seems so 
like everything TG parodies.


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