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Sun Feb 18 08:41:44 EST 2001

>From: "Hallie O'Donovan" <hallieod at>

>Ages ago, Paul mentioned a book, which sounded very interesting, but
>turned out to be unavailable here (_A Dark Winter_, by Dave Luckett).

Ah! This was recently sent to me to review and is sitting on my "to read" 
shelf... it has just been jumped to top priority. I also recieved a 
children's book by Dave Luckett, "Rhianna and the Wild Magic", which I've 
already read - not bad at all, but also not terrifically exciting. Maybe 
I've read too many books about children coming into their magical powers, 
and magic at school... there are definite echoes of Christopher Chant in 
this book. But more girly.

>Only thing I didn't like was the fact that I didn't catch the Tough
>Guide wrinkle that Paul originally mentioned - even after finishing
>the book.

What do you mean by "wrinkle"?

Another book I must recommend very very highly: "The Maestro" by Tim Wynne 
Jones. I first took an interest in this author because of his surname, 
obviously, but he turned out to be excellent in his own distinct and unique 
way. I think his short story collection "Some of the Kinder Planets" has 
been mentioned here before - subtle short stories all set in Now Here but 
they all seem to find magic in everyday things. I liked "The Maestro" 
better: also set in Now Here, Canada - about a boy who runs away from his 
abusive father. Once again TWJ succeeds fabulously in writing a completely 
realistic, credible story about a troubled teen, with the sense that there 
is some dark magic subtly at work in the air. I'm not sure this is a good 
description, but it was an excellent book that is just screaming to be 
adapted for film.

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