Another Dark Lord

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Thu Feb 15 15:06:46 EST 2001

It feels odd to be writing to such a very quiet list - rather like 
dropping a very small pebble into a very large, very quiet pond, but 
- better to drop a pebble than to - um - curse the quietness?

Ages ago, Paul mentioned a book, which sounded very interesting, but 
turned out to be unavailable here (_A Dark Winter_, by Dave Luckett). 
Thanks to Kylie, I not only got that, but also the two sequels.  I 
liked the first one enough to read to Becca before I'd finished it 
myself.  Couldn't write until we'd finished it, but now we have. 
Really enjoyed this!  I liked the voice of the narrator, Will, liked 
the other main characters, liked the interesting moral questions, 
liked the appearance of the Lady (goddess), and definitely thought 
the ending was cool.  (Oh, and liked the surprises - Becca actually 
shrieked out loud at one.)

Only thing I didn't like was the fact that I didn't catch the Tough 
Guide wrinkle that Paul originally mentioned - even after finishing 
the book.  Thick, unquestionably.  (It's a spoiler, so I won't say 
what this wrinkle was.)  So thanks, for the recommendation to Paul, 
and for the books to Kylie.  Such joy to be able to finish a book and 
move straight on to the next one, and then the next!  (Second one I 
didn't like quite as well, but for a stupid reason - from half-way 
through the third, I'm liking it as well as the first.)


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