Fwd: Re: Chrestomanci Chronicles

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzky at madison.k12.wi.us
Mon Feb 12 22:46:43 EST 2001

I actually really appreciated the cover of the new Chrestomanci Chronicles.
I am one of those readers who strongly resents highly inaccurate depictions
of characters on the front cover, and the cats, while looking nothing like
actually cats in the books, looked significantly aloof and sorcerish.  I
had to be held back from buying the new books, although I am listing all of
the kids that I babysit for, etc, who need goodbye presents from me when I
go off to college, and hopefully at least one of them can get a copy of at
least one of the volumes :) (I've become known as the book lady, I keep
around at least two copies of all the best kids' books for general loaning
out to all the kids in my life, of which there are about 50).  On book
backs, I do like Howl's because it makes you expect parts of the book,
without giving anything away.  I hate book backs where the first three
pages are summarized line for line, and then  are completely unrelated to
the rest of the book.

Rebecca D. Ganetzky

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