Re Place Names

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Mon Feb 12 15:38:27 EST 2001

>I was well amused by your comments on Nodding-ham-shire,
>Jennifer. it reminds me that my Dad, Graham, was called
>Grey-ham for years by an Indian friend of his (thats subcontinent,
>not American).

Oh no!  Our next-door neighbour is called Graham, as is the 
organist/choir director at our church.  My mother (who's American) 
insists on calling them Gramme (as in the weight, but in her mind, as 
in the Cracker).  After Bec and I had told her repeatedly that it's 
not pronounced Gram, but more like Grey-am, she made a point of 
saying Grey-HAM just to annoy us!


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