yotg discussion (spoilers)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Mon Feb 12 12:35:42 EST 2001


>There was lots more on the wild/GM griffin differences etc., and I agree
>with a lot of it. Here is my tuppence's worth:
>What worries me is that surely in the "natural" griffins' eyes Derk's
>griffins would be veritable Frankenstein's monsters! Or are the natural ones
>so politically correct that this sort of thing would not bother them? No, I
>think not! If the animal side is dominant in their nature, then I cannot see
>how Derk's brood could be in any way attractive to them. They would smell
>wrong. Hostility would be the response one would expect.

This is freaky!  I've a long unsent message which rambles on about my 
feeling that Derk has certain similarities to Frankenstein!  It 
didn't focus on the reaction to the griffins from the wild griffins, 
but part of my concern was related: that Derk (and Mara, to a lesser 
degree, maybe) had created creatures which wouldn't fit in easily 
anywhere.  Well, no.  It's not that they wouldn't fit in, exactly. 
But Elda's reply to Olga's telling her she needs a griffin her own 
age, that there aren't any, is very chilling.  Similarly with the 
cute little Angelo and Flo.  What's the future hold for them?

Does anyone remember any mention anywhere in DL of the reason for 
creating the griffins?  All I can think of is Derk's attempts to 
divert himself from his misery by dreaming up new creatures to breed, 
but no mention of WHY he'd make children this way.

Hallie - who seems to need Blade and Kit's efforts to do a quick 
psycholgical sorting-out on this subject!

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