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Nat Case ncase at hedbergmaps.com
Mon Feb 12 12:40:42 EST 2001

>>I was in Barnes and Noble last night when I rounded a corner and came face
>>to face with the new Chrestomanci Chronicles.  It was a very bad moment
>>for me: I came hugely close to buying them, despite the fact that I had no
>>money and at least two copies of every book in them already.  I did, of
>>course, pick them up and look at them, and wanted to ask what you guys
>>thought of the order.  The first one had Charmed Life and then Lives, and
>>the second had Magicians and then Witch Week--for some odd reason the back
>>of the second one didn't say anything about Witch Week--it was just a
>>teaser for Magicians.  And the back of the first one made it quite obvious
>>that Cat and Christopher were related in some way, which I suppose might
>>be obvious since they have the same last name, but I read LoCC after CL
>>and I seem to remember that it took me a while to figure out that the two
>>books were at all related, and I think that was a good thing.  I know that
>>reading order has been discussed quite a bit before, but I was just
>>wondering if anyone would have placed the books differently. . . or
>>what.  All I know is, there is now a great gift item on the market.
>I was surprised to see it in the adult section, while the 
>one-at-a-times (Lives of CC, Witch Week) were in he kids section. It 
>was interesting to see how the covers/packaging differed. I don't 
>much care for the kids' cover art, but it certainly is livelier. And 
>the Chronicles cover includes the line "If you like Potter, you'll 
>love Chrestomanci!" or something to that effect.
>>Also, since I mentioned the backs of books, I was wondering if anyone felt
>>as strongly about those as some of us do about covers (which by the way
>>aren't awful, but nor are they awe-inspiring: they simply have a rather
>>fluffy cat that doesn't really make me think of Throgmorten though it
>>could be Fiddle or even Bethei--I should have looked closer and seen if
>>they'd adjusted it to look slightly violin-ish :^).  I'll start by saying
>>that I really like the back of the Ace version of Howl:
>[quote clipped]
>>I like it because: a, it sets up the story very nicely.  b, it doesn't
>>give anything away.  c, it's funny to read after you've read the book--the
>>green slime bit, i.e.  d, it's written in a style that is sort of like the
>>book.  e, it seems to have been written by someone who read the book.
>>All right then.  Thoughts?
>I agree, that's great! We need more blurb writers with intelligent 
>wit. Speaking of which, I just finished "To Say Nothing of the Dog," 
>and thanks to all who recommended it. More later, my wittle woogie 

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